Damah Film Festival Comes to Tokyo!

In 2001, the Damah Film Festival launched in Seattle, Washington where it continued for several years before moving to Los Angeles and later to Hiroshima, Japan. And now we’re moving once again, this time to Tokyo where the festival and competition will be held in May 2019

As a film festival dedicated to expressing and exploring the power of story, Damah places special value on the exploration of themes that explore the transcendent, the struggle, and/or the awe of the spiritual journey. Damah, which is the Hebrew word for “metaphor” or “parable,” values artistic skills that convey a full spectrum of human emotion and experience, without being explicitly or gratuitously violent or obscene.”

With support from notable jurors and key sponsors, Damah is anticipating next year’s film festival where we can continue to build on the platform to discover and promote spiritual themes and experiences through film.

Mark Joseph

President & co-Founder
Damah Film Festival
Mark Joseph is an award-winning producer who has been involved in some of the biggest films in history including The Passion of The Christ, The Chronicles of Narnia, Ray, Holes. He was a producer on Max Rose starring Jerry Lewis and The Vessel starring Martin Sheen and is currently producing the films Reagan starring Dennis Quaid and Dark Horse starring Tim Allen.